RAINBOW DESSERTS COMPILATION Rainbow Cake Cookies Surprise Inside Cupcakes

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It’s a RAINBOW extravaganza! Some of my top Rainbow desserts, Rainbow Cakes and Rainbow recipes of all time in an awesome vidoe compilation – which one was your favourite?
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This is a QUICK and fun compilation of some of my favourite Rainbow treats – as always, full version videos are available for ALL these ideas:
#1 RAINBOW Ice Cream Sandwiches — http://bit.ly/2ipnbEB
#2 RAINBOW Checkerboard Cake — http://bit.ly/2gPHZ8O
#3 RAINBOW Unicorn Poop Cupcakes — http://bit.ly/2jcJuOt
#4 RAINBOW Surprise Inside Cupcakes — http://bit.ly/2hqbZHF
#5 Giant RAINBOW Cupcake — http://bit.ly/2gBIXki
#6 RAINBOW Zebra Cake — http://bit.ly/2hLjKst
#7 RAINBOW Milkshakes — http://bit.ly/2jBiqcx
#8 Giant RAINBOW M&M Cupcake — http://bit.ly/2jd3kcE

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe — http://bit.ly/2h7F9uW
Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe — http://bit.ly/2h7q1hh
Classic Vanilla Cake Recipe — http://bit.ly/2idScI3


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