Push up Pop Cake Display Stand Ideas

Our Newest Push up Pop Cake and Cupcake Display Stands are now available on our main website at
In this video, Monique will show you how to easily assemble both of the new display stands.
The first stand is 3 tier and can hold 40 push pop containers as well as cupcakes and mini cupcakes. You can even put a small cake on the top!
The second stand is our staircase stand which holds 20 push pop containers and or cupcakes and mini cupcakes as well.
Both stands are of course the highest in quality clear acrylic and are made to stand freezer temperatures if needed. We have appropriately named out 3 tier stand “The Stand by Monique” and the staircase stand is well, “The Staircase” : )
So easy to put assemble and un-assemble and very durable.
Thank you all again so much for keeping us informed of what you want in our designs.
We are listening and always will…

Designed by Rhonda Giarraffa and Monique Moussan.