Popcake Tutorial – Cleaning a Major Spill – English

Popcake® is the world’s first fully automatic pancake machine specifically designed for the commercial food service industry.

The Popcake® pancake machine delivers fresh, 97% fat-free delicious pancakes at the single press of a button!

Simply add normal room-temperature tap water to the proprietary Popcake® pancake dry-mix powder to instantly create the Popcake® pancake batter. Once ready, loading the bagged batter couldn’t be easier and with the simple push of a button, the first pancake is delivered in less than 60 seconds, with additional pancakes “popping-out” every 15 seconds thereafter.

Fully enclosed, and all stainless steel, the cool-to-touch counter-top Popcake® machine uses a proprietary and worldwide-patented system to control the automated cooking process. The easily programmable software allows the user to fully adjust the pancake size, pancake color / tone and pancake flavor options.

For more information about the Popcake® pancake machine or other pancake products and promotions call us at +852 3572 0763. Our products come with full warranty and are guaranteed to increase margins for any business in the food service industry.