Healthy Cake Pops!! (What to Eat When it’s Your Birthday)



What in the world could possibly beat HEALTHY CAKE POPS on your birthday?!!? Don’t even waste your time answering that – ’cause NOTHING CAN!

I mean, who wants to just sit down at the end of your birthday and enjoy some cake and call it a night? How lame is that. Know what isn’t lame? Eating HEALTHY CAKE POPS allllllll birthday-day long!

But in order to snack on birthday cake all day, that birthday cake better be super dang healthy, because the last thing in the world we’re wishing for on our birthday are birthday bulges…or birthday belly aches.

Enter: these healthy cake pops! These adorably DELICIOUS babies are packed with protein, so your blood sugar won’t get spiked one tiny bit. In fact, these are loaded with such good ingredients, I might even dare to say that you SHOULD eat them. Even on days that aren’t your birthday!


Here’s the info on a lot of these amazing (slash odd) ingredients:

Deets on Cacao Powder:

Deets on Maple Syrup:

Deets on Coconut Sugar:


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