Cake Pop Hack: Crack Proof Cake Pop Tutorial

How often do we find ourselves happily finishing our cake pop creations and just as we are about to clock off, a thin slither catches your eye.. You look a little closer and your worst fears are confirmed- Your cake pops have cracked! Time to re-melt some chocolate and make a mess of your just tidy kitchen. OR….. You could always just coat your cake pops in this fool proof, crack proof chocolate ganache recipe!

Here’s what you need to cover 6 cake pops:

120 grams white chocolate
40 grams heavy cream
2 tablespoons melted copha / coconut oil
a drop of gel food colour if you are covering coloured cake pop batter, along with either some extra copha or flo-coat (5-7 drops of flo-coat to 1 drop of gel food colour) In this tutorial, I used Turquoise gel food colour by Americolour.

The copha / coconut oil that has been added to your ganache will:
1. help your chocolate ganache not to seize when adding in gel food colour
2. It will allow your ganache to set solid over your cake pops. It will be smooth, creamy and will not be sticky once set, thanks to the copha.
3. Copha when added to regular chocolate helps to add flexibility to your chocolate, giving you a little room to work if your cake pop batter decides to expand. However, sometimes this is not enough. Chocolate ganache is super flexible and will accommodate for any growth.

For more dessert inspiration and for tutorial sneak peeks:

and it looks just as pretty! I personally am not a fan of crunching into hard chocolate when biting into a cake pop. A Ganache covered cake pop will add to the overall taste and texture of your cake pop without the invasive crunch factor.

I would also like to mention that the cake pop batter is used for this tutorial is my cream cheese and oreo mix, which is a very soft cake pop. The ganahe coating can be used on any type of cake pop though, and will work just a nice on regular cake crumbs and ganache / buttercream as your gluing agent.

For the cream cheese and oreo cake pop recipe, visit:

The gel food colours by Americolour that I used:
real red
electric yellow
royal blue
forest green
regal purple

Thanks for tuning in guys! I will catch you next time 🙂

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